Problems with sleep in children

29/11/2015 18:27

Our two small children were about 4 weeks old (born in the 35th week) and have already been sleepless nights. I wonder how you manage to sleep at night? Please those of you who have experiences, advice.

In the meantime, I've found this good article.

For us it's already happened a few times that day a good girl and a nice sleep at night at appox 23 and 3 pm they peddled ruckus. I never discovered what is wrong: screeners were rewound and also were not wet. Are they "turn" howl once one, sometimes the other. It looked as if looking for attention: when I got up, came to the bed, touched them, are largely ceased. When I turn off the light, the vlegla was again Create and kritrebuh to...

And so a hundred times. I'm just exhausted men as well. After a caesarean me had a lot of pain and I was just getting up one of the more difficult moves, so that even this little problem ... I suspect that too much sleep during the day and at night then perhaps they can not. When you begin to put on sun loungers? A 1 month too early? How much time do you have outside - on a walk? Do you think we could use sleep hypnosis for the babies?

I welcome any advice.

Probably this with my words, I will not be comforted but over time get used to it getting up. For me it was already after such a habit that I woke up a few minutes before he naštimala bottle we popapcala demolish the pile and fell asleep.

With you all the double work but trust that you will get used. I'm still waking up at night and studying if you can eat (I eat only once during the night).
It is very important that you have the same rhythm every day (feeding, bathing, sleeping) to get the hang of and eventually will burn more overnight.

My even had a period when he did not sleep at all - not during the night, that is. During the day he slept like an angel, I was afraid that I was replaced by day and night, he was also very tired. In the meantime, I did read some good articles on how to hypnotize yourself, one being here.

If you sleep during the day this might affect the overall sleep phase. My firstborn is in the 35th week and it seems to me that at the beginning he could go for a whole day of sleep in a matter of seconds.

Hold you this for sure, otherwise they will the days when you'll think they do not hold it longer, then will happen to some of the most beautiful (eg. You will laugh), as it happened to me and then forget to clean all the problems and sleepless nights.