It feels so good to fall asleep after a long day!

12/07/2015 13:44

Yes, I've been sleepless for the past few days. I was really fatigued as I've been working on a new project of mine. It has to do with the latest discoveries in hypnosis field. As you may or may not know I research this issues in my spare time. And because of that I lack sleep. How ironic, isn't it?

Well, truth be told I have some issues of my own too. I rarely fall asleep before 1 AM and usually get up at 6 AM. That's too little sleep for me. I know it. But I just cannot help it. So I've been doing some reseach and found out the following.

My latest discoveries

If you are unable to rest at night you can do some of the following things. Remove television from your bedroom and / or stop watching television 1 hour prior to sleep time. It's not that it will prevent you from sleeping, it's just that you brain will be active more than it should as a consequence. You might also want to consider a sleep mask, a gadget if I may say so, proven to enhance sleep. You should try it too. It is available on ebay or amazon, just make a short search for it.

If these tips are not efficient for you than here's another one (keep 'em coming): drink hot milk with honey just before bedtime. It will incude sleep. If you're still not sleepy after a nice hot cup of milk than you should perhaps visit your personal doctor. He or she might be able to help you by giving you extra advice or put you on sleeping pills. I would avoid those, if possible. All pills have side-effect and sleeping pills are no exception.