Hypnosis - myth or reality? Can you hypnotise yourself? Apparently so!

06/06/2015 22:43

Is self hypnosis possible?

Short answer is yes. Longer answer takes more time to explain. But let's do it. Imagine that you could free your mind and do whatever you wanted and you wouldn't be drawn back by your mind's limitation. Would you want to do this? If you say yes then read this article to find out more.

Who can perform hypnosis?

Trained individuals can perform hypnosis on everyone. If they agree to do so, of course. Not everyone is willing to try hypnosis and you can't really blame these people for that. People usually think that hypnosis will make them go out of control and become slaves to someone else's will. Well, in reality it is really more on the contrary. Even when under hypnosis you can still be in control and that is a fact. No need to be worried anymore.

Is hypnosis sleeping?

It could be treated as hypnosis, yes, but technical term for it is "higher awareness of your mind". It it not realted to sleeping, although it may seems so. Some people report that they need a sleep mask in order to achieve this stance.

How to hypnotize yourself then? Well, it is fairly easy. You can read more about this topic in this article, labeled how to hypnotize yourself? Here's a short list of things you need to do before hypnotising yourself.

  •  Pick a nice place where can you be at peace
  • it can be either a quiet room or a cellar
  • sit or lay down where you are comfortable
  • pick a spot on the ceiling or on the wall in which you will stare during hypnosis
  • start the hypnosis of yourself.

After you have found a nice place and a spot to stare at, it is time to do the real things and that is hypnosis. The process of failling into hypnosis is relatively short - it usually takes about 5 - 10 minutes. After this period you will enter in light-hypno state. This is first step, followed by a deep hypnosis in which you can do just about everything you want.

Returing to normal

This is fairly easy process. Whenever you want to stop you can just quit and with a blink of an eye you will be back in normal state. You really should not be afraid of hypnosis as it is no big thing. Every person should try it sometimes. It has been proven that under this condition a person is able to cure bad habits, such as addiction to smoking or drinking. You should try it our someday.

We hope this article will help you in trying new things out. Don't be afraid to try out hypnosis, once again!