Do sleep masks always work?

30/12/2013 00:18

Do sleep masks really work?

First of all - why would anyone need a sleep mask? What is a sleep mask anyway?  Sleep mask is a mask you put on your eyes in order to provide total darkness.

Why is it used? There are people out there that have trouble sleeping and suffer from different sleep disorders. Such people look for alternatives that would help them sleep. If you have problems sleeping than you probably know what I am talking about. Sleeping is something we all take for granted. We realise how much sleep is important only when we lose the ability to sleep well. And that is a huge problem nowadays, in American and Europe as well.

Some people do not suffer from any sleep disorder, but still have problem sleeping. They need total darkness in the room in order to fall asleep. If there is a shed of light in the room they are unable to sleep. This is where sleep mask comes into play. Sleep mask is a mask that you put on your face for your eyes to relax totally as no light can pass trough sleep mask.

But this is not always the solution. Sleep mask may provide darkness for your eyes but you will not just magically fall asleep when you put the mask on. There are several other factors as well that influence your sleep. Some of these may be that you are well rested (you slept too much yesterday) - you need to be exhausted in order to fall asleep. Also if you are a heavy smoker or you drink alcohol too much - these factors may interfere with your sleep as well. Stress is another factor. Stress is nowadays number 1 cause for many problems - and interfering with sleep is one of the major problems.

So, overall sleep mask may not help if you are experiencing other problems as well and stress is number 1 issue. So if you are asking yourself if sleep mask really work than the answer is yes and now. Sleep mask works if you require total darkness in order to fall asleep but may not work if you experience other problems in your life.